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January 19th, 2011

Here are last week’s entries into the Welcome Home Challenge.

So, here’s the last bunch of entries from the past week. As you can see, the ventures are very diverse. How will you be able to choose? Sign up to rate the ventures at Vencorps.com. The voting deadline is April 14 at 11:59pm!

Luminaire Coffee

Coffee brewing techniques have outpaced technology growth.
Luminaire Coffee is a technology company specializing in advanced tools for the growing specialty coffee industry. Through collaboration with industry thought leaders, Luminaire has developed a set of core technologies that will be introduced to the market in a series of products. The first product, the LB-1, focuses on hot water delivery for per-cup brewing in mid to high volume cafes. The LB-1 is currently being prepared for manufacture and undergoing regulatory testing. Initial industry testing has confirmed a market excited and ready to accept the LB-1.
The Luminaire technology has significant market potential both within and beyond the coffee market. The patent pending, low-cost, 95% efficient, and precise system can be adapted and licensed for use in a variety of markets including food preparation, lab equipment, home and office hot water, and beyond.

Buzzient is ” The Oracle of Social Media”
Buzzient Enterprise is a SaaS product that integrates social media data and analytics with CRM applications. Unlike social monitoring-only vendors, Buzzient is the only privately held company today that is able to integrate social media with multiple, heterogeneous CRM applications from Oracle, Salesforce.com, SugarCRM, Interactive Intelligence, and others.

Greentown Labs provides budding entrepreneurs the research and development space they need to launch their clean technology venture. Seeking to locate in the heart of the Innovation District, Greentown Labs is a not-for-profit organization that sprung from a grassroots cluster of award-winning cleantech companies looking for low-cost working space in the city.

The Yellow Brick Road Project is a social innovation enterprise that encourages underserved college students to complete their post secondary degree by providing them valuable opportunities in experiential learning, connectivity and personal exploration through social media, professional development and mini single day internships. These students have passions and dreams, they are determined to attain their degree but unfortunately they may not have a clear and focused career path upon entering college. In today’s competitive job market, it is both what you know AND who you know that makes the difference. Knowing how to connect and with whom is a valuable key to their future success. The Yellow Brick Road Project will empower these students to find and follow their passions, create strong connections and confidence and build a successful future.

Your favorite mobile navigation app just drops you at the street address. TapWalk takes you inside as your personal concierge, always with you- is there a sushi restaurant behind security? When does the session on UI design begin at the Apple booth? Where can I find Levis in this mall? What is this modern painting about? Answers when and where you need them.
TapWalk understands who customers are, where they are and why, and quickly provides personalized information. TapWalk tools allow venues to guide their customers providing location, product or item background, such as videos, audio tours, and user manuals and features such as site-wide search, wayfinding and navigation, people-finding, scavenger hunts, games, and more.

Artists are the original innovators of Fort Point, sparking its transformation from a fading industrial area into one of Boston’s most vibrant neighborhoods and imbuing the Innovation District with its unique flavor and appeal.
In 1980, the artists of Fort Point formed FPAC and began Boston’s original Open Studios, inviting the public into our studios one weekend per year. In 2008 FPAC established Made in Fort Point, a store, gallery, community space, performance venue, and informal incubator for artists and small arts-related businesses. Made in Fort Point brings together more than 75 individual small businesses under one roof, connecting artists to other artists as well as to other neighborhood creative professionals, encouraging new ideas, collaboration, and economic growth.

Space with a Soul is a nonprofit mission accelerator. We are building a new type of multi-tenant nonprofit center. Our primary goal is to enable small nonprofits to achieve the levels of efficiency that large nonprofits enjoy. We will do this by providing access to specialized expertise and professional services at highly discounted prices, all in a shared space with common conference rooms, a kitchen, printing, internet access, and other amenities. Nonprofits will rent space from us – space that will include all these amenities at below-market prices. We will use our size to drive down costs and let them focus on mission-related activities, instead of wasting time on operations.


The small to medium sized Event Market is approximately $36 billion. And that’s just for ticketing. EventFizz is creating the next generation “Event Media Platform” for Event Organizers. We’re making the Event Website a self-service web 2.0 platform that integrates video content capture, transcription/translation technology, sponsor analytics, and other services. These key technologies create a new digital content marketplace, capture elusive sponsor ROI, and dramatically scale the customer base from in-person attendees to online domestic and international markets.

Grinnit makes it easy to gather and organize photos from a group of contributors, directly from your smartphone.
Grinnit works like a personalized camera, that knows who you are and uses the information in your smartphone and elsewhere on the web to quickly organize your photos, and help you invite other people to your group albums.


Fluorescent Nanoscopy is a breakthrough technology for optical microscopy suited for live cell imaging with tens times enhanced resolution. It will help develop new drugs and materials, achieve breakthrough results in basic research and to improve clinical and QA tests. This can be done by both increasing resolution in cell studies and increasing data density on surfaces of microarrays. The technology has a strong IP protection and an opportunity to create new markets.

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